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GMW Bioscience is a CRO based in Valencia in the South East of Spain, one of the most important Spanish agricultural areas. However, it also covers Northern and Southern of Spain and other regions for all major as well as minor crops.

GMW’s personnel (mainly formed by agronomists and biologists) has recognized experience in the conduct of efficacy trials on both chemical and biological products, residues in plant, soil dissipation as well as ecotoxicological studies carried out in compliance with current European guidelines (OECD, SETAC, EPPO, CEB, etc.).

Main Staff Position

GMW Awards and Acreditations

  • Business plan in collaboration with Business & Innovation Centre­CEEI


  • Best Business Project Award (BANCAJA National Award)


  • CEEI­ IMPIVA Award Finalist and GEP Accreditation EOR 67/08


  • GLP Accreditation BPL 047/09: Residues in Plant and Soil, Soil Accumulation


  • Renewal of GEP Accreditation EOR 67/08


  • GLP Accreditation BPL 047/09: Ecotoxicologial Studies


  • Renewal of GLP Accreditation for all areas covered by GMW


Publication: Newpapers, Magaines, Book

  • Newspaper La Razón

    “I+D al servicio de medio ambient” (2008)

  • Newspaper La Razón

    “Defenderse de las plagas sin químicos” (2009)

  • Newspaper La Razón

    Newspaper La Razón:”Cultivos de segunda generación” (2009)

  • Newspaper El Mundo

    “Biociencia” (2010)

  • Magazine PHYTOMA

    “Acreditaciones de GMW” (2010)

  • Magazine Emprendedores

    “50 empresas que van a triunfar” (2011)

  • Business Book Deusto, Esade

    “Emprender es posible” (2012)