GMW conducts field residue trials in all regions of Spain on all major and minor crops.

Depending on the study type GMW can act as a testing facility or as a test site.

The Quality assurance management in accordance with OECD requirements is an integral part of the testing facility. Residue studies are linked with residue analysis. GMW collaborates closely with an analytical laboratory with an experienced team of chemists for the provision of reliable analytical services.

  • Harvest, Decline, Reverse Decline Studies
  • Dislodgeable foliar residues (DFR)
  • Post-harvest trials
  • Specific application techniques

Using our network of collaborators and through our excellent connections with farmers GMW can conduct trials all over Spain. A diversity of application techniques is available to reflect Good Agricultural Practice.


  • Virgin and refined olive oil extraction based on the ABENCOR method
  • Industrial processing of tomatoes
  • Citrus processing
  • Apple and Pear processing
  • Vinification