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GMW conducts field residue trials in all regions of Spain on all major and minor crops.

Using our network of collaborators, GMW can conduct trials all over Spain. Through excellent relationships with growers, GMW is able to locate crops for residue trials according to highly demanding client requirements.

A diversity of application techniques is available for the conduct of studies in full compliance with Good Experimental Practice (GEP) and/or Good Laboratory Practice (GLP):

  • Broadcast application with precision plot boom sprayer
  • Application with motorised knapsack sprayer/Blower
  • Portable system drip application
  • Special equipment as turbo-atomisers, or boom spray tractors

Biological control agents (BCAs)

GMW conducts field residue trials in all regions of Spain on all major and minor crops.

In Spain, there is a great potential for the use of Biological Control Agents, these crop protection techniques, and many opportunities to introduce alternative methods for numerous crop, as vegetables, horticultural or citrus.

GMW carries out biological testing on new and existing products from early development through to registration.

BCAs cover a wide range of potential products:

Micro-organisms: (e.g. bacteria,protozoa, virus, viroid)

Offer a great potential to control plant pests and diseases. Furthermore they can increase plant health and promote plant growth.

Bioplaguicides need to undergo a comprehensive risk assessment and industry submits extensive dossiers on their safety. This procedure is based on rules originally developed for synthetic pesticides. Although the EU Directive has been adapted to better meet the requirements of micro-organisms, registration still is time consuming and capital intensive, keeping safer plant protection products off the market.

Sex pheromones

Products based on pheromone and other semi chemical (for mass trapping or trap cropping)


Plant extracts

With insecticidal, fungicidal or SAR (Systemic Activated Resistance) effect BCAs are mainly used in the following agricultural systems:
  1. Organic farming where no chemical inputs are permitted
  2. Integrated crop production programmes which reduce pesticide use, resulting in improved conservation of the environment and better quality food (less pesticide residues).

Our Philosophy

The Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) is a main part of GMW; we use an independent Quality Assurance staff to monitor all studies (both in the laboratory and the field). Systems and processes are developed to increase organizational adherence to Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

The Quality Assurance Unit monitors all phases of the study conduct and provides updates and recommendations that increase study quality, dead lines, and efficiency.

Certificate of Compliance with Good Laboratory Practice

Certificate number: 10/29/BPL047