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This website collects and uses information according to the privacy policy. It collects information about you through technology called cookies. In GMW Bioscience, cookies are used for various purposes.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that a website saves in your navigator (Google Chrome or Apple Safari) when your surf the majority of websites.

What isn’t a cookie?

A cookie is not a virus, a Trojan horse, a worm, or spyware and doesn’t open pop-up windows.

What information does a cookie collect?

Cookies don’t collect private information about you, such as credit card or bank data, photographs or personal information etc. Cookies usually collect and store technical data, statistics, personal peferences, and content personalisation.

The webserver doesn’t consider you as a person, but as a web navegator. Therefore if you usually navigate with Chrome and then test navigating on the same website using Firefox, the website will not recognise you as the same person, as in reality, all information is associated with the navigator and not with the person.

What type of cookies exist?

  • Technical cookies: The most basic. They detect when a human or an automized application is navigating, when an anonymous user is navigating or a registered user and performs basic tasks for the running of any dynamic website.
  • Analytical cookies: They collect information about your browsing activity, the sections you use the most, products consulted, time of connection, language, etc..
  • Advertising cookies: They show advertising according to your browsing activity, your country, language etc…

What are own cookies and third-party cookies?

Own cookies are generated by the website you are visiting and third-party cookies are generated by external services and suppliers, such as Mailchimp, Mailrelay, Facebook, Twitter, Google adsense, etc..

What cookies does this website use?

This website uses own and third-party cookies. The following cookies are used in this website:

Own cookies:

Login-in cookies: Log-in cookies that allow you to enter and leave your GMW Bioscience account.

Personalisation cookies: cookies that remember which websites you have used and people you have contacted , in order to show you related information and contents.

Preference: Cookies that remember your settings and preferences, such as your preferred languages and your privacy configuration.

Security: Cookies that avoid secuity risks. To detect when someone is trying to pirate your GMW Bioscience account.

GMW Bioscience S.L. is a user of the platform for the provision and storage of WordPress blogs, property of the North American company, Automattic, Inc. Therefore, the use of such cookies by systems is never under the control or the management of the website administator, and their function can change at any moment, permittingthe entrance of new cookies. These cookies do not provide any benefit to the website administator. Automattic Inc., also uses cookies to identifity and track users of WordPress websites, in order to find out why the user consults the Automattic website and the user’s access preferences, as outlined in the Cookie section of its privacy policy.

Can cookies be eliminated?

Cookies can be eliminated or blocked, either generally or individually by a specific domino.

To eliminate cookies from a website, you must go to the configuration panel in your navigator and look for the associated dominos and procede with their elimination.

  • Cookie configuration for Google Chrome
  • Cookie configuration for Apple Safari
  • Cookie configuration for Internet Explorer
  • Cookie configuration forMozilla Firefox

More information about cookies

You can consult the cookie policy published by the Spanish Data Protection Agency in its paper `Guidelines for the use of cookies´ to obtain more information about cookies in the Internet. If you wish to have more control over the installation of cookies, you can install programmes or complements in you navigator, known as “Do Not Track” tools, which allow you to choose which cookies you wish to allow. This cookie notices was revised for the last time on 16-05-2019.

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