Efficacy & Biostimulants Studies

GMW Bioscience performs high quality GEP efficacy and biostimulant studies for registration, product development and demonstration.


Efficacy studies are conducted in compliance with current European guidelines (EPPO) in Spain. Furthermore, specific national guidelines are also taken into account.

Study of unintentional effects PP 1/268 (3):

  • Insecticides and acaricides
  • Fungicides
  • Herbicides
  • Moluscicides
  • Growth regulators

Appropriate site selection, considering climate and cropping regions as well as expected pest infestation levels are very important for the successful conduct of efficacy trials. Crop protection products are tested with natural or artificial infestation of the target pests. The trials are performed in our own experimental fields or in fields selected through our farming network. The following phases are carried out: trial set-up, application, assessment, harvest and reporting.

Effectiveness and selectivity trials with:

  • Field Phase
  • Wine analysis
  • Organoleptic evaluation


Biostimulants are a new area within the legislative framework in all countries. Their principal objective is to improve crop vigour, yield and harvest quality. They can be obtained from various sources and their demand is increasing more and more every day from agricultural professionals who require the optimal development of their crops. At GMW Bioscience, we are able to support your needs providing various trials such as:

  • Nutrition efficiency improvement
  • Abiotic stress tolerance (salt and/or drought)
  • Crop quality improvement
  • Yield improvements
  • Rhizosphere

Tests are carried our in our greenhouse or in our fields on various crops (cereals, soft fruit and vegetables, ornamental and mushrooms). Tree fruit, nuts, olive, grapes,citrus trials are carried out in field.

Our studies aim to determine the following factors:

  • Chlorophyll content
  • Ripening degree
  • Crop quality improvement
  • Roots (rhizosphere)
  • Size
  • Protein content
  • Biomass aerial part (weight)
  • Yield
  • Foliar analysis content
  • Phyto
  • Other specific factors requested by the client
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