Environmental Fate Studies

Environmental fate studies investigate the interactions between
compounds and the environment

GMW evaluates the potential of a substance to leach into groundwater, to be transported into surface waters or to accumulate in the soil.

Fate testing can be done for registration or label claims.

Soil accumulations studies

These studies are conducted to determine the potential of a substance to accumulate in the soil after multiple applications and generally take more than a year. They are needed if the DT90 value is > 1 year in the field dissipation study and repeated applications are intended. GMW constantly provides updated meteorological data collected by its on-site weather station.

Soil dissipation studies

Soil dissipation studies provide estimates of the time needed for the dissipation of 50% and 90% (DT50 or DT90) of the active ingredient under field conditions. These studies can be conducted in bare soil in different climatic zones in Spain. Several options such as randomised sampling, specific sampling types, protective fence in the control plot to avoid contamination, drip irrigation application can be offered. Zero contamination soil corers are used.

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